Monday, July 4, 2011

RTC Report Development 3

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If you havent read part1 and part2 then click here for Part1 and Part2.

Now lets see what can be done to create Page Header without any issues.
Lets check what microsoft do to create Page Header for the same report. Here is what it see the Layout of standard Report.

Now what the hell is Code.Getdata(x,y) and how it get values for the header part.
Let find out where is GetData Function and where it refers.
If u can see there are three RED box in the top of page header, with hidden set to true.
Here is the image, i have enlarged the text box for you.

Now where they refer is the another problem.
Now in body you can again see three text boxes and their name will be the name refered by the red column is page header.
Lets see the contents of these three Red text boxes.

So now we know where it refers but from where getdata() function is -
For this goto the report properties and then in the code tab you can find the getdata and other functions.

Microsoft have done a bit complex thing to understand -

 > They have created three groups in page header.
 > Three groups are one for  Address, Second for Company Information and Third for Other Information.
 > That is why code.getdata() contain two parmeters one for the field position in the textbox in body and second for the group.

One can use these functions but just copying from standard report and pasting it to the new customized report.

In Next Post we will create the Page Header using getdata() and setdata() but without group.

Saurav Dhyani

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