Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NAV 2013 Upgrade Part II - Upgrading the Standard Objects.

Hi all,

As discussed in previous post about upgrading the customized objects, let's move ahead and see how to upgrade the standard objects.

As the old standard process of Upgrade suggested by Microsoft, we need to compare and merge the changes in target. Lets see the steps for the same.

The steps listed below may not be followed by all during upgrade but for me i find these steps the best way to upgrade which do leave any issues.

Steps -

1) From the client database extract information about the base version used.
    There are certain steps how we can find them -
    1- After opening the database we can see the application version used to open the database and the base
         version of the database, which normally remain same if client have not upgraded the executable. see                
         the highlighted part in below image.

    Form the image its clear that the database version is 2009 SP1 but the exe is upgraded to NAV 2009 R2.

    2 - Extract all objects list to excel and find the hotfix applied on the database using version tag. This is not
         maintained after NAV 2009 but in previous version like 4, 5 you will see the version tag is normally
        appended after a hotfix release.

2) Create a base version from the information collected in step 1, and extract all objects as txt.

3) Extract all client objects as txt.

4) Import them in Navision Developer Toolkit.

5) Compare objects and merge differences manually.

6) If you are in NAV 6 / 6SP1 / 6R2 and  merging to 2013 then merge form differences to pages.

7) If you are in NAV 6 / 6SP1 / 6R2 and  merging to 2013 then merge report classic differences to RDLC Format.

8) If reports are in RTC and you are lucky then just import the report in NAV 2013 and From tools select Upgrade report. May be report get upgraded.

9) For all data ports create XMLPORT.

In Next post we will discuss about data upgrade.

Till Then Enjoy Diwali with your family :).

Saurav Dhyani


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  2. Thanks for sharing the information. Waiting for your blog about Data Upgrade.

  3. How do i import the standard tables to nav 2013?

    1. Hi,

      Which standard Tables you want to Import and why?

      For Standard Tables merge the customization by comparing the customized table to the Old Base table.

      Saurav Dhyani