Monday, April 8, 2013

Consuming Output of ODATA - Part 1

Hi all,

As discussed in earlier post today we will try to consume output from the ODATA Services.

The best tool that i like for same is Power Pivot, an Microsoft Excel add in.

You can download same from link - Power Pivot

After installing the add-in lets try to consume the output from ODATA Service hosted yesterday for Customer Card.

Here is the URL - http://localhost:7048/DynamicsNAV70/OData/NAVCustomers

Steps -
1. Open Excel.
2. You will find a new tab in Ribbon called Power Pivot as shown below.

3. Click on PowerPivot Window, icon placed at left corner of the screen.
4. A new window will open as shown.

5. The Power Pivot Addin can accept data from Multiple sources like Text, Access, Database and many others. For ODATA we will be using the From Data Feeds.

6. Click on From Data Feeds.
7. Type in the Friendly Name and Copy the URL from above to Data Feed URL.
8. Click Test Connection.

9. Click Next and then finish.
10. After some time you will find that data Feed have been imported and status will tell you the no of rows transferred.

11. Now all the data from customer table is there in excel, most of customer find it easy to do analysis here.
12. From time after time you can refresh the data to find update in navision.

13. From this you can create Pivot Tables & charts which can be accessed via ribbon of power pivot.
16. With Excel 2010, the Pivot charts are also too good with Slicer as you can see in the Left and Right Part of the Pivot Chart below.

The slicer can be added, by selecting the pivot chart and then from ribbon select analyze Tab.
Here you will find menu to insert slicer.

You can save the sheet and see the changes by updating the Power pivot whenever required.

I hope you will like the post. We will see other consumption uses of ODATA Feed in future posts.

Saurav Dhyani


  1. Knowing that, as from 2013, PowerPivot is only available with Office Professional Plus (and no longer for all retail SKUs of Office as it is in 2010), what other tool would you recommend to consume output from the ODATA Services ?

  2. Hi,

    ODATA can be used with Sharepoint & C#.

    For C# Consumption of OData Please refer article in Archer Point.

    Saurav Dhyani