Saturday, May 11, 2013

Integrating with Microsoft OneNote - Part 2

Hi all,

As discussed in earlier post, let's Try use One Note Integration in Local Machine.

If you haven't read the earlier post click here.

1. Open Navision and Open Profiles by Search box or navigating to
   Departments - Administration - Application Setup - RoleTailored Client - Profiles

2. Open Profile for which you want to set One Note Integration.

3. Click on Use Record Notes OR/AND Use Page Notes as per your Requirement.

4. Put the path of Notebook in my case D:\OneNote, in Record NoteBook or Page NoteBook.
   The Path is where the One Note For Record Notes And Page Notes to be saved.

Restart Navision.

5. Let's Open sales Orders Page (Sales Order List).
6. Click on Page Note and a screen shown below will appear.

7. Type in the information about the Page and close the OneNote as shown below. The information that you typed will remain save in this page.

8. Now lets create a new sales order. After Creating click on the BIG Icon of OneNote (its Record Note).

9. Type in the information that you want to keep for this record / document as shown below.

10. Now Let's Post it and navigate to Posted Shipment and Invoice.

11. Open the shipment & Invoice. Then Click on OneNote Icon to see Record Note. Oh Wow it automatically shows all information stored for the order.

12. But if you click on the Link that was created on ONE NOTE, it gives you an error.

13. Lets see why. Open the Developer Environment and Run the Table 2000000068 Record Link.

14. The URL in the table shows that it still points to Sales Header 1002, i.e the Record Link Table does not get Updated during Posting.

15. This is the reason that when we click on the hyperlink after posting it gives an error message.

16. Let see the content in D:\OneNote. The Folder have Three NoteBook - Open NoteBook, Page Notes & Sales Header.

17. So the Record notes are grouped based on Document Type but Page Notes are stored in One Book, as shown below.

I hope this post will help you to test and use the One Note Integration feature introduced in NAV 2013.

Saurav Dhyani

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