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Excel Integration With NAV 2013 - Part II

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Integration with Excel Continued ... (Previous Article)

Now lets assume a Live Environment.

Server A have the Database, its a Database Tier (Navision).

Server B have the service, its a Service Tier (Navision).

Clients X1 & X2 have Navision clients.

Client Y is not a Navision User (Navision Client Not Installed).

We have synchronized Windows Login of X1, X2 & Y in Navision Database.

Story / Requirement -

Client Y Require to See below listed information in excel (Every Day)-
1) Release Sales Orders.

* But as per management we cannot provide access to Navision to Y.

Solution -

We have below listed options -

1. Either Client X1 or X2 Provide List to Client Y Daily by exporting it to excel.

2. We can have a report which can be automated using NAS to send daily to Client Y.

3. We can use the Excel Integration.

Solution Analysis -

Solution 1.
What if Both X1 & X2 are not in office ?
What if Y Requires the List At 8:00 AM but X1 & X2 reach office at 11:00 AM?

Solution 2. 
What is the filters have been changed, Partner intervention required to do customization.

Let's see how we can use Excel integration to full fill requirement of Client Y -

As discussed in Post 1, Either X1 or X2 can use Excel Integration with Navision 2013 and  Export Filtered Sales Order List to Excel.

As per Y Requirement, X1 / X2 Created the filtered view and exported it to Excel. The Excel Sheet will look like as shown below.

The First Row shows the service Path which points to Server B.

Q & A -

1) Does User Y have rights to use the service tier (server B) ?


2) Does User Y have Refresh Tab in Excel to get the updated information from NAV?


In the next post we will see how we can bring that Dynamics NAV tab in User Y Machine.

Saurav Dhyani

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