Friday, June 21, 2013

Features Not Available in Service Tax – Reverse Charge for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 - India

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While browsing the document for Service Tax - Reverse Charge Hotfix Released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 IN, i found out that there are Some features which are not support by this Hotfix.


The following scenarios or features are out of scope for this release. They are either not supported due to business requirements set by law or have not been addressed within the current scope of this regulatory update.

1. Invoice / Advance Payments in Foreign Currency with Service Tax that are payable on reverse charge or split basis.

2. Statistics form does not display the Computed Service Tax Value payable to a Service Provider.

3. Single invoice that has multiple lines and different Service Tax Group Code, Tax Type or Service Tax Registration No’s.

4. Invoice that contains two lines, where the first line is an Item with Service Tax and the second line does not have service tax, but does have Excise / VAT. As a workaround, you can issue separate invoices.

5. Advance Payment with Service Tax and TDS, applied to an Invoice with Service tax and TDS / Work Tax during offline application.

6. Application of multiple documents containing service tax within a single posting.

7. Unapplication if either the payment or the invoice contains TDS and Work Tax.

8. Unapplication if Input Credit has been utilized in a Reverse Charge / Split scenario.

9. Advance Payment with Service Tax Type of Split with TDS and Work Tax Calculations

10. Service Type (Rev Chrg.) option of Inward or Outward only works for Reverse Charge 100% and Reverse Charge portion in a split scenario.

11. Service Tax Adjustments have not been enhanced.

12. Per current law, abatement only exists with 100% Reverse Charge or 100% PoT Service Type. Accordingly, Split types of Services are not supported for Abatements.

13. Opening entries for Vendor with Service Tax.

14. Invoice with Service tax and discounts have not been enhanced.

15. Taking avail credit from only one of the Service tax components. If you decide to avail credit of Service Tax, you have to take credit of E-Cess / SHE Cess in the same activity.


Existing service tax reports have been enhanced in this release. However, the recently released ST-3 Return modification specified through Service Tax Notification No 01/2013 dated February 22, 2013 is not a part of this feature.

Saurav Dhyani

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