Thursday, July 11, 2013

Add a language layer from database objects.

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Let's discuss a conman Question mostly asked/raised during Upgrade Process.

How do i add a language Layer to my Database.

What is Use Language Layer?

Language Layer Enable to Database Objects to Support Multiple Language.

How to find languages in my database?

1. Open any objects in your database (say table).
2. Select any standard field and navigate to its properties.
3. Check the Value in CaptionML Property.
4. This will list the caption of field in all the languages that you have in your database.

5. As shown above the field have single language (ENU).

If we want to add a language in a database we need to remember three point -

1) The applied language layer only update captionML property of Standard Fields ONLY.
2) You cannot import Language layer until and unless all the objects of database are compiled.
3) You require the .flm file of the language you want to add.
4) Once language is imported all the objects have modified flag set to True.

Steps to Import Language Layer -

1) Open Classic Client / Developer Environment.
2) Open Object Designer.
3) Select All Objects.
4) From Tools Select Language Module and select Import.

5) Select the Flm File and click Open.

Open the same table and open the same field you will find multiple values in captionML Property of field.

I hope you will find this post useful.

Saurav Dhyani

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