Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Send Mail with Attachment From Navision

Hi all,

we have seen how to save a report into PDF and how to send mail to a customer.

Let's link these two post in one i.e Mailing statement to a customer into PDF Format.

If you have the old objects set let me brief you what i will be changing -

1) I have moved "Path to Save Report" From user setup Table/Form to SMTP Mail Setup.

2) On customer card there will be a menu button for Mails which will have all existing options and a new option for sending mail with attachment.

3) We have two codeunits that we will be using -
a) 50000 - Save Report in PDF
b) 50001 - Send Mail

4) I am creating a new function in codeunit 50001 which will internally call codeunit 5000 and then will send mail to customer with the Report as attachment in PDF Format.

How it Looks Now -


2) Customer Card.

3) Codeunit Send Mail.

Let's see what we get in output.

Mail -

Attachment -

NAV Version - NAV 2009 R2 IN.

You can find all related objects on my SkyDrive Public Folder.

File Name - NAV - SEND MAIL With Attachment.rar

Also on Skydrive you will find the new objects which will have merged codeunits 50000  & 50001.
I will be using Same for future posts.

NAV - SEND MAIL With Attachment (Single Mail Codeunit).rar

Saurav Dhyani


  1. Is there any option if I want my attachment display in the email body?

    1. @Sami,
      Not Sure in NAV 2009 but its a default feature in New version of NAV. I would suggest to upgrade as its an easy one.