Saturday, November 2, 2013

NAV 2013 R2 Windows Client & Web Client with NavUserPassword - Introdcution

Hi all,

This thing was asked me many times and i guess that is what most of us are trying to explore these days.

For NAV 2016, Steps have been Reduced, Please Refer here.

This is introduction post for the articles that i will be posting in few days. These articles will be related to use of NAVUSerPassword with NAV 2013 R2 Windows Client and Web Client.

I had already posted same article for windows client in NAV 2013, but from the comments i found that its confusing to most of the readers because of the length of the post.

This time i am breaking the post into some parts.

Post 1. Create a Security Certificate.
- Certificate. (.pfx)
- Certificate Key. (.pvk)
- Certification Revocation List. (.crl)

Post 2. Installation of Security Certificates.
- Install Certificate.
- Install Certification Revocation List.
- Install Certificate on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
- Grant Access of Certificate to Service Account.

Post 3. Configuring the Credential Type for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
- Create a User in Navision.
- Changes in Service Tier.

Post 4. Configuring the Credential Type on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client.
- Changes in Navision Windows Client.
- Changes in Navision Web Client.

But i would Still Suggest to do all these actives in one go. I just break this post into 4 parts to make it readable.

Saurav Dhyani

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