Friday, December 20, 2013

NAV RTC - Get Data From Navision in a External Application using Web Services - Part II

Hi all,

Let's See Today How to Read Data From Navision Using an External Application - Part 2.

If you haven't read post 1 then Read Here.

Step - 4 Connect the windows Application to Navision Using Web Service.

1. From Solution Explorer Select, Right Click the Project and Select Add Service Refrence.

2. Click on Advanced in the Add Service Refrence Window.

3. Select Add Web Refrence From Service Refrence Settings.

4. In Add Web Reference Window Provide the URL Generated in STEP 2. If Asked provide your windows credentials. This will list down all the function in the Web Service.

5. Provide a Web Refrence Name and Click add Refrence.

6. You can see the Web Refrence in the Solution explorer.

STEP -5 Get Inventory value from Navision.

1. Double Click on the Button created in the form. It will open the place to code :) which i guess most of us like...

2. After Namespace add a using Clause for the web reference added.
   - If your Web refrence Name is GetInventory then write -
using NAVFunctionCheckInv;

3. Following Code is required to fullfuill our requirment.
   - Call Constructor of NAV Function that you want to call.
   - Set Credential for NAV.
   - Get Value of Item No that user Entered and Send it to NAV.
   - Diplay Value to User.


When i run this application for a item which is in Navision, i get this.

And when i run this application for a item which is not in Navision, i get this.

Navision Objects & Visual Studio Project can be downloaded from My Sky Drive Folder.

In Next post in this series i will explain you how to use the application in my Sky Drive Folder, in your local Machine.

Saurav Dhyani

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