Friday, June 20, 2014

NAV 2013 R2 - How to Restore Selected companies - Powershell (Using Service Tier)

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As discussed in earlier post, we will see how to take Restore backup in a new database. In this post we will list down the steps to restore the backup taken using powershell service commandlet.

UPDATE - IF you face issues of Schema During This Process Please refer the Post Here for Issue Resolution.

If you haven't read the Previous post, please refer Index Post here.

Let's check the Content of Backup Taken Via Emport-NavData.

Microsoft have provided a Commandlet for the same i.e  Get-NAVDataFile.
This Commandlet takes file Location and Name as parameter and returns the details of Content of the backup File.

Open Powershell and Let's check the two file content using Get-NAVDataFile =
Get-NAVDataFile -FileName "c:\Two_Comapniesbackup_Service.navdata"

So its clear from the Result of Commandlet that the above file contain 2 Companies with IncludeApplicationData only.

Let's try to Restore the backups.

1.Search for Import-NAVData Commandlet in Command Add-in.

2. If you see there are multiple options in Import-NAVData as listed below (same as Export-NAVData)-

1. UseNST_AllCompanies
2. UseNST_SomeCompanies

1 & 2 can only be used if the server instance is running.

Out of these we will not demonstrate UseNST_AllCompanies, because it like SQL Restore.

In this post we will see UseNST_SomeCompanies.

1. UseNST_SomeCompanies

I am using the Backup taken From Direct Database Connection as per earlier Post.
File Name - Two_Comapniesbackup_Service.navdata

Below are parameters of the command-lets 1 -

1.  FileName - The File Path and name where backup is placed (ends with Extension => .navdata).
2.  ServerInstance - Name of Service on Which database is connected in which you want to restore.
3.  CompanyName - Name of the Company You want to Restore from Backup.
    * IF Company Name contain multiple Words put it in ''.
4.  IncludeApplicationData - Want  data that defines the application in the database.
5.  Include Global Data - Want Data common to all companies or not.
6.  Tenant - Used in MultiTenants (Discuss Later in separate post)

As shown below is the parameters set for the restore.

Below is the command generated for the all companies restore. (Company Names is Case Sensitive)

Import-NAVData -FileName c:\Two_Comapniesbackup_Service.navdata -ServerInstance RestoreDemo -CompanyName 'CRONUS International Ltd.' -Force
** As i only need data specific to Company 'CRONUS International Ltd.', i will not select IncludeApplication, IncludeApplicationData & IncludeGlobalData.

Run the command and backup will be restored in the database.

In the Next post we will see the restore steps that can be restored with Windows/Web Client.

Hope you find the information useful.

Stay tuned for more.

Saurav Dhyani

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