Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 - Email From NAV Part 2.

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Continuing Email From NAV Part 1.

Today I would like to discuss a simple feature that Microsoft introduced in standard NAV for developing word Layout for a Report.

We will use this article in next part.

The Pattern in Developed and Enhanced from Microsoft starting NAV 2015. In today's article, we will discuss how to develop a simple word layout for Report - 208 Sales Shipment Report.

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1. Open Custom Report Layout.

Navigate to Departments/Administration/IT Administration/Reports.
Click New, and Enter Details as - Report ID - 208 and Set Insert Word Layout To True.

Edit List and Rename the New Record Created as "Shipment Word Layout"

2. Edit Word Layout.

Select the Newly created Record in Custom Report Layout and select Edit Layout from the action Ribbon.

Action will open Microsoft Word. If you don't have developer tab then refer here.

In Developer Tab Select XML Mapping Pane, and select Custom XML Part which ends with report id 208, as shown below.

3. Develop Word Layout for Report(As per your requirement)- 

Right Hand Panel will allow us to choose from fields that are part of Report Dataset in NAV. We will try to use most commonly used the component in word Layout. 

Added Static Text for the Shipment Email.

Added Mix of Static Text with Fields from NAV.

Insert a Table for Line Details. 
Insert a table with 3 column and 2 rows. Select Second Row and from XML Mapping selects the body component Node and add the Repeating component with Sales Shipment Line. 

Now add fields as required. Format table as you wish.

Add Footer with Image.
I would like to add company address and company information image from the dataset and then the fixed text.
Once you finalized the design of word layout, close the word file. The system will ask to import changes as shown below. Select Yes and Word Layout is developed for Report. 

You can create multiple word layout for any records. Prepare multiple reports layout and we will see in next post how we can use it.

What is the best of part of using word layout -
  1. You can create multiple word layout for a report.
  2. No more object licensing. 
  3. Developer license is not required to develop a word layout.
  4. Customers can create word layout without the involvement of NAV Partners. 

Your comments are awaited.
You can download the word layout created in this article from OneDrive.
File Name- Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017  - #SauravNAV_Shipment_Word_Layout.docx
You can download the template and upload in the custom report layout.
Let me know your views.

Saurav Dhyani