Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Updates from #DirectionsNA 2017 Part 1 - NAV 2018 or Dynamics365 Tenerife

Hi all readers,

If you are like me who was unable to attend Directions North America here are updates from Twitter and blogs.

I am missing it so here are some updates via #Dynamics365Tenerife and #DirectionsNA.

1. Product Name - It seems from tweets that NAV will no longer be called NAV, it will be called something else like Dynamics365onprem.

So what changed on Product line - Microsoft decided (as we heard it earlier) that a complete NAV will be released on the cloud which seems to be the new version for on-prem too.

Sources Tweets -

  1. Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business will merge in next release. #DirectionsNA
  2. What will the name be for on-premises #Dynamics365Tenerife? #DirectionsNA
  3. #Dynamics365Tenerife is just a code name.  It will be renamed.  #DirectionsNA

2. Release Date - From the tweets and slides there will not be a release till 2018 so there will be no release as expected in #DirectionsNA.

The Preview is expected to be released in GA Spring 2018.

Sources Tweets -
  1. NO release this end-of-year, only a preview we can play and prepare with. The General Availability of Dynamics 365 “Tenerife” is going to be Spring 2018! #DirectionsNA #Dynamics365Tenerife
  2. The future Dynamics NAV release will be Dynamics 365 ‘Tenerife’ on-premises. #DirectionsNA #Dynamics365Tenerife
  3. No release date was shared during this session. #DirectionsNA #Dynamics365Tenerife
  4. Full NAV Functionality in Dynamics 365. #DirectionsNA #Dynamics365Tenerife
4. Blogs to Refer (those who are there in events) -

Refer Below blogs -
5. Some Releases in Directions for New Versions - 
  1. Get started w/ Apps:     https://aka.ms/getstartedwithapps   #DirectionsNA
  2. Get started with API's:  https://aka.ms/getstartedwithapis   #DirectionsNA
6. A picture is Equal to 1000 words and I collected 16 for you so 16K words 😄- 

Modern Development Tools - Inside Docker Only - 

It will also impact NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 Future cumulative Update Releases -

Office Integrations -

Application Improvements -

Common Data Services -

Available API for Dynamics365Tenerife -

Email from Dynamics365Tenerife -

Consulting Service Dynamics365Tenerife -

One Solution Togeather -

Now without further delay some preview of Dynamics365Tenerife -

7. Other Tweets Related to Dynamics365Tenerife 

"Not decided what licensing models we will launch #Dynamics365Tenerife in". Will it be CSP, SPLA,?  TBD #DirectionsNA

The release of #Dynamics365Tenerife is "spring". #DirectionsNA

Wait - is #ProjectGreen really happening finally? #DirectionsNA 

All NAV Azure Images & Cumulative Updates for NAV 2016/2017 will also ship on Docker from Fall 2017! #DirectionsNA 

Working w/ multiple companies in multiple tabs of one web browser, nice feature addition for accountants #DirectionsNA #Dynamics365Tenerife

Now #Dynamics365Tenerife can scan email content & automagically create the quote in Outlook! #DirectionsNA 

Provision a new #Dynamics365Tenerife tenant from scratch in 7 sec, upgrade in 30 sec. "THAT is Hyperscaling!" -  #DirectionsNA

No sign-off and sign in after changing roles in Tenerife #DirectionsNA

Will be able to take your customized solution – as is – to Dynamics 365! #DirectionsNA

Microsoft still recommends Extensions – obviously – but it is not a full requirement anymore. #DirectionsNA

In 7 seconds, Microsoft was able to set up a new tenant and make a new environment operation for the user. #DirectionsNA

The data-upgrade is about 30 seconds per tenant – this is the time that the system will be offline – but it’s fast! But it obviously depends on the amount of data – don’t know anything about that. #DirectionsNA

Dynamics 365 “Tenerife” will come with about 44 pre-defined API’s, which can be used to connect the third-party system to NAV. #DirectionsNA

Common Data Services - CDS is a very key part in whole Microsoft as a company. It’s connecting all these Microsoft products with each other .. through CDS. For all of this software to work together.#DirectionsNA

Will keep you posted as I hear more from the web. Let me know your views. 
We Love NAV, will be able to leave the product or Name? 😔

Saurav Dhyani

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