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MSDYN365BC - Futuristic CAL Development - Tables and Fields.

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If you are new to this then Please Refer Table of Index.

In this article, we will start working on the requirement and will also discuss What is allowed and what is not if you have to code in C/AL.

Below are some guidelines for Futuristic Development in CAL based on NAV Version - 

  • Pre NAV 2016 - Upgrade to Latest version or Use Hooks. Refer to Latest version Code to identify Events added by Microsoft and use them as HOOKS.

  • NAV 2016 to NAV 2018 - Use Events and Refer to Latest version Code to identify New Events added by Microsoft and use them as HOOKS.

  • Business Central on-prem - Update to latest version.

** Latest Version - Latest cumulative Update for Business Central on-prem (Released Monthly).

I will be using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-Prem) CU03 for this article series. Let's try to complete customer requirements.

Add a New table to have customer store Expense Code and Description.
I am using Table ID 50000 and Table Name Expense as shown below with Primary Key Code.

Add a New Page for the new table created. As per requirement, we will require the List Page.
I am using Page ID 50000 and Page Name Expenses as shown below.

Add a new field in Table 15 G/L Account, Field ID - 50000 and set Table Relation to new Table Created as shown below.

Add new field added in G/L Account table to Page 17 G/L Account Card in General Tab as shown below.

I know this was pretty simple to follow. In the next article, we will see what we can and cannot do in things discussed in this article.

  1. New Table.
  2. New Page.
  3. Modify Base Table.
  4. Modify Base Pages.

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