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MSDYN365BC - 2019 Wave 2 Cumulative Update 15.3 Released.

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Microsoft Have Released Cumulative Update for 2019 Wave 2 (15).

Please find below the details of Cumulative Updates Released for Microsoft Business Central 2019 Wave 2(15).

Below are the Links to Download the Latest Cumulative Update.

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1. Title - Update 15.3 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2
  Application Build No. - 15.3.40822
  Platform Build No. - 15.3.40791
  Details of Update
  Download Link

Platform Hotfix -

  1. Incorrect Phone No. is randomly displayed on the Vendor List page while scrolling.
  2. The label printer does not select the appropriate orientation when it is used through the printer selection after upgrading from CU 9.
  3. The posted Sales Invoices page (143) displays the random non-existing blue letter “Yes” float values on the Corrective field.

Application Hotfix -

  • If you release the incoming documents, the approver setup is not considered.
  • Some workflow event or response combinations are not allowed when you select a response with more than 80 characters.
  • It is not possible to change the user plan in Business Central.
  • The document sending profile does not execute all job queues, which results in not all emails being sent.
  • The Create Payment feature does not work if there are multiple journal templates of type Payment.
  • "The earliest possible transfer date is today" error message is displayed unexpectedly in the direct debit process.
  • The Map Text to Account function on the General Journal page does not work as expected.
  • The G/L Balance or the G/L Balance (LCY) field in the Bank Acc. Recon. Test report is not calculated correctly.
  • The Customer Ledger Entry report gets fully applied and closes unexpectedly.
  • If you send a sales invoice with a high number of lines with the Intercompany functionality, the Subtotal Excl. VAT Amount field on the Purchase Invoice page is incorrect, 
  • The posting groups are copied from the Recurring General Journal   Allocation Lines page when the batch job has Copy VAT Setup to Journal Lines set to false.
  • The Show Document function on customer ledger entries does not display issued reminders and issued finance charge memos.
  • Wrong increment in check numbers when you test print checks.
  • When the amount rounding precision is set to 1 in the G/L setup, it is not possible to insert an interest rate with decimals.
  • If you insert 60050777122 in the IBAN field, an error message is not displayed.
  • An electronic invoice that is not in the local EHF 3.0 format cannot be processed successfully when the GLN field is used on the Company Information page, however, it can be validated successfully.
  • An electronic invoice in EHF 3.0 format cannot be processed successfully when the document contains positive and negative lines.
  • If you use the VAT Statement report on the VAT Statements page, two pages are printed.
  • If you use the Update Existing Document function on the Acc. Schedule Overview page, the existing Excel file is not updated.
  • The Add/Replace Entries function does not work when you use the Import function on the Budget card on the page.
  • The G/L budget import does not import in last month of data when you import using dimensions
  • The G/L budget that is imported from Excel does not write correct dates to G/L budget entry records.
  • ​"The record that you tried to open is not available. The page will close or display the next record" error message on the Account Schedule Overview page.
  • An electronic sales credit memo in the EHF 3.0 format cannot be validated correctly when the GTIN field is used for an item.
  • An electronic sales credit memo in the EHF 3.0 format cannot be validated correctly if the Payment Terms field is blank
  • The Aged Accounts Payables report does not display the correct result when the Use External Doc. No. function is enabled. 
  • Incorrect drill-down value in the Book Value field on the FA statistics after a disposal.
  • The Ending Book Value field on a fixed asset card is not defaulted by the Default Ending Book Value field of the depreciation book.
  • It is impossible to fetch the budget filter in the Inventory Analysis view.
  • Importing transfer lines stop because user interaction expected.
  • The Phys. Inventory Recording page does not respect the Shelf No. field from the Phys. Inventory Order page, nor is the Use Item Tracking field editable.
  • When validating the quantity, an inserted service order line is moved to the next new available line at the end.
  • Entries are filtered as Positive is No when the Item reclassification journal doesn't have any quantity input on the lines
  • "You have already selected Item for replacement. " error message when a service line of type Item is validated for a service item that is not associated with an item.
  • It is not possible to undo a shipment because a posted inventory pick exits which cannot be deleted (Location\Bin Mandatory = No).
  • The Item Category Description field is cleared when the Parent Category field is validated.
  • "The value '0000-01-01' can't be evaluated into the type Date" error message if you use the My Settings\Region = Swedish (Sweden) function.
  • The location code can be added with parenthesis, but an error message is displayed after you try to modify or use the location code.
  • Blanket sales orders are allowed for preselecting item tracking information for lot tracking, but the partial item tracking is created for the full quantity.
  • The Job Ledger Entry No. field in the Job Planning Line Invoice table is incorrect if you post invoices partially.
  • The Expected Quantity column on the Prod. Order Components page is not rounded to the standard 5-digit precision.
  • Non-inventory items cause a remaining amount in the WIP account when it is used as a component in the production.
  • Demand is combined into one production order even though the item has reordering policy Order when an SKU with Replenishment system Transfer is part of the supply chain.
  • A work center can be deleted even though it is part of a certified routing.
  • The reserved quantity on an assembly or sales order line is higher than the quantity due to planning suggestions.
  • The system allows deleting the salesperson code if it is assigned to a contact card, but it cannot create a sales quote.
  • It is possible to assign item charges to lines of type Comment on transfer receipts.
  • The Payment Method field is not filled in the purchase credit memo when the credit memo is created manually.
  • The description is defaulted to default values by the Get Recurring Purchase Lines function.
  • An incorrect Phone No. field is randomly displayed on the Vendor List page while scrolling.
  • A refresh issue with dimensions in the purchase order.
  • Dimensions are not populated for purchase invoice payments in the payment journal.
  • "Posting Date must have a value in Job Journal Line:" error message when you create a purchase invoice with a blank posting date.
  • The Customer Statement report is skipped if the Customer Number field contains the '&' character.
  • If a sales line discount is granted for an item charge, the value entered does not display the discount explicitly in the Discount Amount field in the value entry.
  • The issue with printed text in the Reminder report when there are many lines combined with Send to PDF (both Web client and Windows client).
  • The sales shipment information in the RDLC report is incorrect.
  • A performance issue occurs when you print the Posted Sales Invoice report.
  • The Post Batch function is not replacing the posting and document dates as expected if you use the background posting and post more than one document.
  • It is not possible to create reminders from the customer card.
  • The Combining Shipments function is not visible or editable on the sales header.
  • An error message with division by zero is displayed when you try to delete a line from a sales invoice that is linked to a prepayment invoice. 
  • If the line discount is changed on the sales order after posting 100% prepayment, it is not reflected in the Order Confirmation report.
  • An error message about missing sales and sales credit memo accounts is displayed when you choose the Correct action on a posted sales invoice.
  • It is impossible to create a purchase order from a sales order if another item in the item list is blocked.
  • "The record in table Item Template already exists. Identification fields and values: Key='0'" error message when you import and create an item catalog entry from a sales quote.
  • The Prepayment Line Amount Excel VAT field does not get changed when an invoice discount is deleted manually.
  • When the apply-to entry is selected on the Item Tracking Lines page, we validate against the Quantity (Base) field instead of the Qty. To Handle (Base) field, which causes an error because the quantity is too low to cover the quantity (base).
  • An availability message is missing for a new demand when the current supply is reserved from the old demand.
  • An error message is displayed in the posted sales invoices when you use the Send function when multiple invoices from the same customer are selected.
  • The Amount Including Tax field on a Canadian sales invoice is not displayed correctly when there are two lines on a sales invoice with different tax area codes.
  • The Customer No. field is not on the Sales Invoice page.
  • The email address on the sales order is overruled by the customer email address when you email confirmation.
  • An error message is displayed when you select the Post & Send function and then save the document to disk.
  • It is impossible to print and save an invoice by using OIOUBL.
  • "The total item tracking quantity 100 exceeds the line quantity 40. The changes cannot be saved to the database" error message when you post a partial inventory put-away.
  • "The following C/AL functions are limited during write transactions" error message when the Post and Print action is selected in the warehouse receipt.
  • The Expiration Date field is empty in the warehouse entry or the posted inventory put-away when an item is set up with an item tracking code and expiration date.
  • "Registering the pick will remove the existing order-to-order reservation for the sales order." error message when you register a pick for an item-tracked item which causes deletion of the reservation entry.
  • The Cross-Dock Opportunities page displays all the items within the source document number instead of filtering on the item.
  • The warehouse pick is not deleted when there is a table locking on registering the pick.

For information about the previous Cumulative update released for Business Central on Prem, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, NAV 2016, NAV 2017 & NAV 2018 please Navigate to Hotfix Label or follow the Link.

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